For most people who have some sort of eye problems, they tend to think and never doubt that glasses and contacts will always be parts of their lives. In fact, there are some natural methods that can help them get rid of these lenses.

Over a century ago, there was a very famous eye doctor, Dr. William H Bates, who thought eyes should also have their own recovering systems like other parts of the bodies. Thus, he devised some very practical and effective exercises to help people improve their visions. His method is thus later called Bates’ Method by his followers.

His theory is completely opposite to the traditional notion that glasses can help people improve their visions. On the contrary, he proved that glasses can do damage and harm onto people’s eyes.

Incorporated into the information that he had gained from his patients, he finally pointed out that many eye problems are cause by stress, eye strain and bad dieting habits. Also, he found that patients who had done his eye exercises had greatly improved their visions.

Later, in order to make sure that more people can enjoy the brightness of the world, he had devoted his later life in the career of vision improvement.

Later, more and more achievements are scored in the field of improving people’s visions in natural ways. And facts have proved that Bates’ Method can almost cure all common eye problems, such as, myopia, hyperopia, cataract, eye strain, cross-eye, poor sight night vision, and so like.

For most of us, we are lucky to know and use Bates’ Methods. Nowadays, more and more people tend to accept these natural methods without wearing glasses or contacts.

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In the past 15 years, there are almost 28 million people who have taken LASIK surgery, which has now been deemed a method of greatest safety. But some complications can not be avoided. Some of which are not easily detected, while others may cause vision problems. These side-effects may cause problems on one’s vision quality or acuity.

Before receiving LASIK surgery, one should take considerations of all risks and benefits. Sometimes the doctors can not tell all potential risks of such surgery or they neglect to inform the patients. The reason is that no doctor will think that such misfortune will happen on him and his patients. Unfortunately, such side-effects are not what one can choose or decide, but an inseparable part of the surgery. No facts have proved that the patients of the best doctors will not suffer from such side-effects. So do not believe any doctor who estimates the risks or says his patients will never suffer such side-effects.

Thus, one may tend to choose an experienced eye surgeon than a new doctor. Many papers have put that the doctor of LASIK should have a learning experience. Especially, the first few hundreds of patients may suffer more side effects. Of course, it is no need for one to choose a doctor who has experienced several thousands of cases or more. But it is needed to choose some who has done over one thousand cases.

Still more, the amount of side-effects in different time varies. Such there is a great decline in early 2010than 1990s. Of course, there are some reasons for it. The foremost important one is that a better understanding of the doctors on LASIK side-effects has been achieved. Hence, some methods for solution have been devised. Another reason is the great improvement of the technologies, by which safety are greatly enhanced. Some potential risks can be avoided and solutions are provided with the enhancement in technologies.

The LASIK side-effect profile technology has assured the safety of such surgery. And some people can get rid of wearing glasses after such surgery.

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Signs of Eye Strain

In common conditions, we just associate headaches with cold. In fact, there are, sometimes, very strong relations between headaches and eye problems. Sometimes, it is very hard to tell whether the headaches are signs of eye problems. If we feel some aches in our heads whiling staring at some bright objects.

In fact, such headaches are not as horrible as we think. They can be cured or treated in some proper way.

In normal conditions, we will suffer from some sort of eye strains if we have stared at something too long. Reading, watching can always lead to eye strains. But all these stains are normal and ordinary.

However, we should pay regular visits to our eye doctors, as we may not realize that we are suffering from some eye strains. Generally, there are some very common symptoms of eye strains.

  1. If we often feel tired, we may suffer from eye strains. The reason is that the tiredness of our bodies can also cause tiredness in our eyes.
  2. Dryness is one of the commonest signs of eye strains. If we can not move our eyes normally and smoothly as usual, we may have suffered from eye strains.
  3. Opposite to dryness, watery eyes are also signs of eye strains. If we always feel watery in our eyes, we may have suffered from some eye strains.
  4. Blurriness is also the signs of eye strains. If we can not see objects around clearly and always feel some blurriness, we may have suffered from eye strains.

The above mentioned symptoms are common signs of eye strains, but there are also many other indirect signs of eye strains.

    1. Headaches, as mentioned above, are sometimes signs of eye strains.
    2. If we feel some sort of discomfort whiling looking at some bright objects, we may have also suffered some eye strains.
    3. If we feel some discomfort in our necks, especially stiffness in our necks, we may have suffered from eye strains.

If these symptoms have occurred to us, we should be cautious. And the best way to eliminate our eye strains is to relax more.

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In modern society, stress becomes a daily occurrence for most people. Things that make us feel stressed are of great number, among which work should be a main cause. Everyone wants to get somewhere in career, therefore, he or she are often ask for too much work because he or she are afraid of falling behind, so do the students in their studies. Thus, taking on a lot of work and feeling constantly overwhelmed, one would often feel exhausted, which is not good for your health, neither good for your life. In addition, those pressures, referring specifically to physical, mental and emotional strain or tension, also cause eye problems.

Someone may ask why stress affects eyes, for which question, the answer is that eyes contain muscles, like our bodies. These muscles help move the eyes around as well as lengthen and shorten the lenses. Therefore, too much pressure can lead to serious problems to eyes, and it is necessary and important to get an ability to manage stress. There are several tips below which are thought to be able to help people who have no idea of how to relax themselves.

1.  If you are always overwhelmed by being late, it is advisable to set your clock ahead at least 10 minutes; to take a different route, if traffic often sets you off.

2.  Do not force yourself to accomplish every task, but choose those comparatively significant, since no one is a perpetual motion machine.

3.  Take frequent rest regularly, which is considered the best way to reduce stress in life. If you are really too busy to have a few mini breaks, you are also able to achieve by taking deep breaths, closing your eyes for a minute, or looking around the room and away from your computer at least three to four times an hour. You are believed to be re-gain energy.

Managing stress is never an easy feat. This is reason why some people handle pressure very well, while others can not cope with the complexities, making life a complete mess and themselves in dim mood everyday. Do you want to feel happy everyday; do you want to be away from diseases; and do you want to have a better vision, try best to relax yourself. But one thing is supposed to be kept in mind is to find out what exactly is causing them stress so it may be a little harder to find a solution.

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Currently, there is a minority of people who have 20/20 vision for their entire lives. Most individuals will be bothered by certain eye problems at some point in life. As they begin to notice a vision declining, eyeglasses or contact lenses may be needed. Actually there are some warning signs of vision problems. They can indicate that one’s eyes are not quite right and a doctor’s visit should be arranged.

Blurred vision is one of the most common symptoms of various vision problems. As blurred vision always develops gradually over time, it may not be quite obvious at an early stage. In some cases, blurry vision occurs temporarily when there is a drastic change of light conditions in a room. Sudden blurriness can also result from eye rubbing, a cold or allergies.

Most people just ignore the blurry vision. However, prolonged blurriness requires a comprehensive eye exam from an eye doctor, especially the blurriness caused by none of the temporary reasons mentioned above. Persistent blurriness can be a symptom of an underlying eye problem.

Occasional eye pain around the eyes is usually normal and requires no serious concern, just like temporary blurry vision. Normal eye pain can be caused by too bright light, a headache, cold or sinus infection. In addition, eye pain can be a side effect of some medications. In similar, an eye pain that lasts for quite a few days could be a warning sign of eye problems, which requires a visit to the doctor.

Some hidden issues do not present initial symptoms until they have progressed. For example, glaucoma has no obvious signs at its early stage but it is the leading cause of blindness in US. Eye doctors can only use some tests to measure pressure within the eye before the disease progresses. Early treatment of glaucoma is quite essential.

It is necessary to have regular checkups with an eye doctor in order to find out underlying eye problems that have no initial symptoms.

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Scotoma can be caused by many factors, such as macular degeneration, strokes, traumatic brain injuries and disorders, which affect the retina or optic nerve. The most common form of blind spot is central scotoma, which is closely associated with macular degeneration.

Actually, macular degeneration is the most dangerous factor of scotoma, although other conditions listed above all affect the retina or the optic nerve. Central blind spot caused by macular degeneration is quite understandable. In the back of the retina, macula is responsible for central vision. However, macular degeneration can cause the photoreceptor cells or cone cells in the eye to die, which results in central blind spot.

In some cases, a central scotoma may enlarge as the macular degeneration progresses. Besides a spot in the central vision, a central scotoma has other symptoms such as need for more light, and contrast, difficulty perceiving certain colors and so on. These symptoms can be quite disabling and frustrating for some people. In serious cases, one’s independence can be affected by this retinal disease.

Most people suffering from central scotoma have to use their peripheral vision during most tasks. The formal term eccentric viewing is used to describe this special viewing way. A person using eccentric viewing always looks slightly away from an object in order to take use of his or her peripheral vision, rather than the defected central vision. In this way, the damaged cone cells do nothing but the rod cells can perform peripheral vision effectively.

In some instances, rod cells can be trained to perform some tasks that belong to cone cells in a person without central scotoma. These functions include detailed vision and color perception. But only with proper training, lots of practice as well as the appropriate visual aids can the rod cells acquire these functions. This process also requires the brain to learn new techniques and ways of seeing the world.

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Take Care of Your Eyes

Eyes, being an very important organ of our body, are one of the most sensitive part of our body at the mean time; thus taking care of our eyes is a must task for anyone, or various eye problems will be caused, even a loss of eyesight. Here below are some tips concerning how to do eye care:

When reading books or newspapers, or writing, try to find of place which is bright enough, or use a table lamp. Using eyes in dusky environment is a stressful job for the eyes, nor is it good to use eyes under the sun and strong lighting. If your work requires long time reading books or writing something, you’d better wear contacts or glasses.

When going out, wearing a pair of sunglasses is a necessity. Sunglasses are believed to protect eyes from getting injured from UV rays and other harmful rays. If you are driver, you’d better to wear polarized sunglasses which are able to keep off glare reflected from water, mirror and so on. Besides keeping off rays and glare, sunglasses can also be used to protect eyes from foreign matter, in case that eye gets injured. If things do enter eyes, it is necessary to keep in mind not to rub your eyes, in case of permanent damage. What you should do is to wash your eyes; usually those foreign matters can be out. If not, see a doctor immediately.

When participating in certain sports, such as beach volleyball, you should be aware of wearing eyewear. Thus grains of sand are hard to enter eyes. In addition, when swimming, you also need to wear a pair of specific glasses to keep water off. As a matter of fact, goggles, helmets or visors are stipulated to be used as a rule in many types of sports.

When applying sharp objects like pens, pencils and knives, etc., and doing work using or handling dangerous chemicals, wear a pair of glasses or goggles and protective gear so that both your eyes and face can be protected.

You should take along eye drop. When your eyes get dry, a drop is believed to be a great help. Moreover, certain eye drops are good for eye health.

If you find any discomfort of your eyes, see your eye doctor as soon as possible, or serious problems may be caused.

What listed above are the main tips of how to take care of your eyes. Although eyes have their own mechanism to keep themselves moist and clean, for example, eyes will get moistened when some foreign matter enter eyes, so that those foreign matter is able to effuse with the so called “tears”, it is inevitable eyes suffer from injuries because of lack of proper eye care or inadequate safety measures. Therefore making a habit of eye care to avert any types of eyes problems is of necessity and importance, which is actually a simple task, taking just a few minutes, even seconds.

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If we stare at something too long, our vision will be greatly influenced. After long-hour working, our eyes are urgently in need of relaxation. If we do not let them relax, our vision will decline as time goes by. In order to relax our eyes, some eye doctors have recommended some exercises that are very useful and practical.

We can try some dot exercises, which require us to gaze at some dots. First, find some dots on a paper, and then stare at them directly. Some time later, the dots will be on our focuses. At last, we may find that we cannot see these dots clearly.

Then we should relax our eyes by closing them for some while. The next step is to look at these dots leisurely, not to stare. Now, our eyes should scan the paper and the dots for some time. This is because, in this process, our eyes are in need of some movements. Of course, blinks are essential. Subsequently, we can repeat the foregoing process till we can see the dots and paper much clearly.

Word exercise is also very useful. Write a word composed of several alphabets on a piece of paper. Then directly look at the word. After that, remember the image of the words. Like dots exercise, staring at them till we feel some sort of blurriness in our eyes.

Now it is time for us to relax our eyes. We should scan each alphabets of the word slowly with some blinks. In this process, we should not stare. Later, the word will be much cleaner to look at. This process can help us to relax our eye strains very much.

Double vision exercise is also a very useful method. As it name indicates, the exercise requires a lot on the co-work of our eyes. Some people make their eyes suffering from some very serious vision problems for some bad habits. Such as, they always look at something with one eye or look at them from a one-side angle. So, to solve such problems, we should stare at something calmly in the same direction.

These eye exercises can be really helpful for us to improve our vision. So, it is necessary for us to do them as daily habits.

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Nowadays, more and more glass wearers tend to receive LASIK surgery which is a kind of refractive surgery operated with laser. Compared with other eye surgeries, LASIK surgery will cause almost no pain and patients can enjoy perfect visions after the surgery.

During the process of operating, no really scalpel is needed but laser or light beam produced by a mirockeratome.

Laser is used to reshape the cornea that is deformed for various reasons. The laser will remove the extra parts on the corneas. And after the surgery, the corneas will be the same as normal ones.

LASIK surgery is very ideal alternative for people with farsightedness and nearsightedness. The corneas of farsighted people sink in, and the laser will flatten them by moving other parts onto them. And the corneas of nearsighted people are very steep, so the laser will flatten them.

It will take only a few minutes to finish this surgery. So you can go to the eye center and leave there quickly.

While operating the surgery, you are asked to lie down, so as to make sure the laser device is above your eyes directly. Your eye lids will be opened by some device so that the laser can accurately be placed on your eyeballs.

Before starting the surgery, the part to be operated will be marked, so as to assure that the laser will always in the right position. While operating, a flap will be produced on the corneas.

The process is designed by a computer. Before surgery, you are required to look at a light, and the information of your eyes will be reflected on the screen of the computer.

During the process, you can seldom feel any pain in your eyes. And a clicking sound means the start of the surgery. The surgeon operates the surgery by controlling the specific computer. After the operation, the surgeon will prescribe you some medications in case of some potential pains.

After the surgery, you should follow the guidance of you surgeon, such as take medicine regularly. Also have complete rest after the surgery is very essential for the recovery of your eyes. If you feel any discomfort in your eyes, just consult with the surgeon.

Another point should be noticed after the surgery is you should take care of your eyes and do not do any sports. During these days of recovering, do not rub your eyes even if you feel some sort of discomfort. Instead, you should go to the doctor’s.

In a word, LASIK can cause almost no pain in your eyes and the surgery will take only a few minutes. Such surgery can help you regain your perfect vision completely.

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It is known that lutein is a very strong antioxidant which is very critical for the health of eyes. However, it can not be reproduced automatically by human bodies, though it is an inborn substance.

Some people may ask whether lutein is effective in the improving of people’s visions if they are suffering from some sight loss. Here is one example that can explain all. It is very common that some senior citizens are suffering from macular degeneration, an age-related problem. Some of them choose to receive surgeries to deal with this problem.

It is true that, nowadays, great achievements have been scored in many fields. But people tend to find their own solutions for their own problems.

No one can deny the importance of eyes. And some people even think eyes are the most important sense for human beings. So, no one wants his eyes to be suffered.

Whether lutein can really enhance people’s visions is still unsettled. But what has been settled is the way to get it.

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