The first people that may come into our minds are ourselves or our relatives, when we wonder who should be the potential receivers of LASIK surgery. Of course, this should be based on one premise that you or they are wearers of glasses.

Doubtless, if you wear glasses, you are strongly advised to get LASIK surgery, so that you can view the world in a new way. About several years ago, I did have received the surgery. About half an hour’s surgery has almost brought me brightness and naturalness with perfect vision. Never have I regretted for having it. There surgery will not cause any pains. This is due to not only the advanced technologies employed in the surgery, but the way that doctors pacify me.

You can almost know what is happening around you when you having the surgery, such as the instruments, the operations of the doctors, and so like. In the process of surgery, you have no feeling in your eyes. This is because of the effects of anesthetics dropped to your eyes. The surgery is so fantastic that I almost get rid of my glasses that had bothered me since I was very young. Now, I can see objects very clearly, be they far or near.

Here I strongly suggest those of you who wear glasses or contacts taking a LASIK surgery. You will benefit a lot if you choose it. Of course, you will experience some time of discomforts. But all such unhappiness will disappear within a period of a month or so.

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·Causes for the failure of LASIK surgery

There are a lot of common vision problems, such as blurriness, halos, blind spot, floaters and so forth. Different problems have different causes. For instance, blurry vision is always caused by the decreased focus ability of the eyes. People with blurry vision can not perceive details on objects. Also called scotomas, blind spots make people unable to see anything through certain areas.

These vision defects should never be underestimated even if they are common. In fact, they deserve proper check and diagnosis by a qualified doctor. In some cases, these vision problems are actually superficial signs of underlying ailments. These underlying ailments such as diabetes can be very serious if proper treatment is not applied in time. Any delay of check and treatment of these problems may lead to severe conditions of the eye.

Currently there are a great number of eye professionals and practitioners offering services of the eyes. Individuals who have any negative vision signs should visit an eye doctor for further checkup. Since there is no single solution to all kinds of vision problems, only a specialist of eye care can determine the exact reason of eye problems in a person.

Situated right behind the retina, macula is responsible for the visual range. As a result, older individuals suffering from age-related macular degeneration will get a sharp loss in central vision. It is fortunate that this disease does not affect peripheral vision. However, central vision is quite critical for daily activities such as watching TV, reading books and newspapers, crafting and so on.

Many people suffering central vision loss use various types of magnifiers during these activities. Moreover, different tasks require suitable kinds of magnifiers. For instance, hand held magnifiers suit activities such as sewing and knitting. And telescopic glasses can be used for long distance vision, such as watching movies and theatre and driving.

Advances of modern techniques in the eyewear industry have helped many people overcome vision problems. In addition, some individuals can still get fashionable look from stylish eyeglasses.

Unisex acetate full frame eyeglassesMen's metal full frame eyeglasses

Unisex mixed materials (metal/acetate) full frame eyeglassesUnisex mixed material full frame eyeglasses

We eyeglass wearers are always in the worry that our personal images will be greatly affected by those glasses. Luckily, some fashionable eyeglasses have bettered this situation. Wearing eyeglass has now becoming one of the most fashionable ways among people of different age groups. Some of us even decide to buy several pairs of eyeglasses for different occasions. However, not all of us can afford so many expensive eyeglasses. Consequently, here is a solution- to replace the lenses for different eyeglass frames. Therefore, with the same lenses, we can get several pairs of eyeglass frames for different situations. What’s more, there are some discount eyeglass frames with which we can afford less while enjoying the happiness of wearing different eyeglasses on different occasions. Generally, there are several places to get discount eyeglass frames. If you can find that one that fit you most, you can surely get you beloved ones.

One of the best places to buy discount eyeglass frames is optical stores. You can get discount eyeglass frames at local glass stores. Those shops sell not only the glasses, but also eyeglass frames. You can choose them with the advices of the opticians. Some of you may think the task of opticians is prescribing lenses. However, they are also responsible for manufacturing the frames that fit you most. According to your face shapes, they will manufacture the corresponding frame pattern. As for the color of the eyeglass frames, it is contrasted with the color of your skin, hair, etc. It seems that such complex procedure equals high expense. In fact, those discount eyeglass frames are really very cheap.

Another best place to buy discount eyeglass frames is supermarket. This place is particularly good for those who are “experienced” in buying eyeglass and glass frames. This is because a new user of eyeglasses is not suggested to buy eyeglass frames here. If you want to buy discount eyeglass frames at supermarket, you should know some detailed information about your glass frames, like the color, the shape, the width, etc. of them. Generally, discount eyeglass frames in the supermarket are from different brands and companies. And you can even choose those made by very famous companies, like D&G, Johnson& Johnson, etc. If you often go shopping, buying discount eyeglass frames at supermarket is a good idea. Generally, discount eyeglass frames sold there are much cheaper than at optical stores. But for those new purchasers of eyeglass frames, this is not a good place for them.

The third place is online glass shops if you want to buy discount eyeglass frames. Internet is becoming the most beloved means for many vendors of discount eyeglass frames. And there emerges countless online shops for discount eyeglass frames. Consequently, most of us who are well-educated tend to buy discount eyeglass frames online, for the procedure is very easy and convenient to operate. You should know how to select and order online while purchasing. However, for those of you who can not use computers, or those of you who do not know the details of your eyeglass frames, this method is not. Generally, discount eyeglass frames gained online are much cheaper than the ones from other channels.

The aforesaid three places are some of the best places to get discount eyeglass frames. Any way, you should find the place that fit you most. Now, after reading this paper, you may know which place is suitable for you.

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Many people with vision problems are expecting a laser eye surgery to provide them with increased freedom. Removing eyeglasses or contact lenses is quite significant to certain groups of people. In order to get the best possible visual results, it is quite important for laser eye surgery recipients to follow good aftercare steps.

It is a common sense that a fast and proper recovery is essential to achieve satisfactory surgical results. There are a lot of precautions proposed for patients after laser eye surgery. And a fundamental criterion is to follow instructions from the surgeon.

Medications prescribed by the surgeon should be strictly followed. These medications can be critical in preventing postoperative eye infections. Proper intake of medications is a decisive part of surgery aftercare.

Protection of the post-surgery fragile eyes is overwhelmingly necessary. There are potential irritants during the day or night, which should be prevented from entering the eyes. Eye irritation can considerably affect the healing process of the eye. Sunglasses or patches are helpful in shielding the eyes from scraping and other injuries.

Dust and wind are believed to be harmful to laser eye surgery patients. What’s more, it is also necessary for those patients to drink lots of water in order maintain hydrated. Scratching and touching the eyes during the healing period are also needed to be avoided. Some activities can particularly stain the postoperative eyes, including swimming, going to hot tubs as well as driving. These small steps are also an indispensable part of aftercare.

Proper and complete rest after the surgery is very important. Enough rest can not only ensure a fast and effective recovery, but also help the patient reduce the risk of getting injured. Furthermore, women patients are required to avoid make-ups during the healing period because these substances may cause irritation.

Patients of laser eye surgery should always exactly follow the advice and precautions after the surgery. They are essential to ensure visual benefits from laser eye surgery.

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·Laser Eye Procedures You Should Know

Except for visual benefits and technological improvements of laser eye surgery, there are still certain risks and complications of the surgery. Patients who are considering a laser eye surgery should be very clear of both the surgical options and potential risks through making a thorough discussion with the surgeon. Some problems are widely reported on corrective laser eye surgery.

In most cases, laser eye surgery can create clear vision and remove the need of eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, the surgery can not ensure a 100% success rate that there are still certain vision correction issues. It is hard to predict the level of effectiveness of a specific surgery. In very rare cases, some people report a worsened vision or little effect from the surgery. And some patients can still not get rid of corrective lenses.

Corneal haze is another side effect that occurs during the healing process of PRK or LASIK procedure. Corneal haze can cause a fuzzy and affect the vision. Fortunately, this condition is usually not serious and will go away on its own. No permanent visual effect will be left. However, there are also rare cases that corneal haze does not resolve itself, which requires further laser treatment.

Eye infections are also rare in laser eye surgery. Common consequences of an eye infection include discomfort and delayed healing process. Modern technologies can actually control the infection rate at a quite low level.

Halo effect is also one of the potential complications of LASIK or PRK procedure. It is widely known that halo effects usually occur in low light and dark conditions. Those LASIK recipients who suffer halo effect always have difficulty in night driving. Actually this effect is caused by the pupil enlarging.

Flap complications are only possible in LASIK recipients, because only LASIK cut a corneal flap during the surgery. Potential flap complications include damage to the flap and complete loss of the flap, which are caused by flap detachment or tearing.

Some patients also report that the visual effects of laser eye surgery gradually regress over time. In this case, a second surgery is needed.

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·Post-surgery contact lenses for visual remedy

·An Introduction of Wave Front LASIK Surgery

·Advanced Lasik with Wavefront system

Vision correction has greatly contributed to the human civilization. And contact lenses and eyeglasses have long been the most common methods of vision correction. Although many people claim that modern contact lenses win hands down, some other individuals would like to advocate benefits of eyeglasses. There is actually no common sense in this comparison.

Eyeglasses with a single prescription usually offer a wider range of vision correction and additional safety, while contact lenses in modern times are easy to wear and more convenient. The selection of contact lenses over eyeglasses or vice versa indeed involves many factors, including age, eye prescription, work and entertainment environments, peer pressure and finance.

Single focus contact lenses provide wider corrective view than multifocal lenses. For most young adults with a sole vision problem, single contact lenses are the most common. But many old folks need vision correction at more than one distance. In general, multifocal contact lenses are widely used now to correct presbyopia. However, cylindrical correction by contact lenses for astigmatic patients involves more risks that the lenses may move off of the cornea or rotate.

Multifocal contact lenses are usually thicker than single vision contacts and more expensive. Yet another solution to multi-correction is monovision contact lenses. Presbyopic patients can wear a “near” contact lens in one eye and a “far” lens in the other eye. This new form of vision correction can seriously degrade the wearer’s vision at some distances. Actually, the selection of contact lenses in single, multifocal or monovision type mainly depends on the wearer’s vision needs.

Unlike eyeglass lenses, contact lenses are beyond the technology of polarization. But other extra benefits such as anti-glare and UV protection are available from contact lenses. A shortcoming of contacts is that they can not offer adequate protection against bright light and UV rays, because they only cover the cornea.

As the federal law Fairness To Contact Lens Consumer went into effect in 2004, prices of contacts are now much lower because patients can buy contact from any sources they want.

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Men's metal full frame Aviator eyeglassesAviator style Unisex Acetate full frame eyeglasses

As people age, various changes in the body including the eyes will take place. Eyesight decline is quite common in old individuals and vision loss is also potential. Some old folks can not see small or far away things clearly, while some others are unable to perceive near objects. These are common vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. Fortunately, modern science has made various ways of vision correction available.

Vision correction has undergone a long way of approximately 100 years. Scientists have developed several ways to correction vision problems affecting a large group in the world. Three methods are most widely used, namely eyeglasses, contact lenses and laser eye surgery.

Eyeglasses actually have two functions. Of course, the first one is vision correction, which is the initial concept in eyeglass inventors. But in fact, corrective eyeglasses do not really correct one’s vision. These devices only offer a compromise by altering the light reaching the eyes. Another function of eyeglasses as external devices is offering special look for a wearer. Eyeglass wearers can get a slightly or considerably different look. Eyeglasses for vision correction or appearance change are convenient. They are easy to insert and remove and very little care is required.

A second option for vision correction is contact lenses, which fit directly over the eyes. Contact lenses perform vision correction based on the same principle as eyeglasses. They only refocus the light entering the eyes as well. In most cases, contact lenses do not change the wearer’s natural appearance. Unlike eyeglasses, contact lenses require frequent lens care, such as sterilization, cleaning, disinfecting and so on. In general, contact lenses are more costly than eyeglasses, because they need more frequent replacement.

The third solution to refractive errors is laser eye surgery that comes in various types including the most popular one LASIK. Laser eye surgery aims to correct vision problems permanently. In any way, laser eye surgery carries certain risks, although at a very low level. Laser eye surgeries are more expensive than eyeglasses and contact lenses. But their incomparable visual benefits have attracted a large number of patients.

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Nowadays, there are many designer eyeglasses that combine both the needs of vision correction and sheer fashion. This is helpful for those with vision problems but also do not want to give up fashion. These designer brands are effectively catering the millions of eyeglass wearers.

With the improvement of the eyeglass technology, those thick black frames have gone forever. There is a wide range of designer eye wear in the showrooms now. Customers always have numerous options to decide on color, shape as well as style. Following are some tips in choosing prescription eyeglasses.

The foremost thing for an eyeglass wearer is to have a comprehensive eye exam and choose a new frame with the advice from the doctor. Eyeglass frames can be made of titanium, aluminum, plastic and so on. Plastic frames are usually durable, lightweight and less expensive. Although a little more expensive, frames made from titanium are also durable and light weighted.

Before choosing a new pair of eyeglasses, it is also necessary to check out the policies of vision benefits provided by the insurance company. The wearer should check how much the insurance plan will cover. Those details such as what things are covered and what are not covered should all be clear.

The lens type also needs careful evaluation. Some people think that smaller lenses are better because they are lighter. This is a general conception in the industry. Actually, different lens materials have different features. For instance, plastic lenses are undoubtedly lighter, while much care is needed. In contrast, glass lenses are scratch resistant but they are much heavier. Customers should also take into consideration both the good and dissatisfying sides of a lens type.

While a doctor or an optician can help choose a frame that complies with a patient’s face shape, it is necessary for the patient to take a companion, who can help in choosing a frame that suits the patient’s personality.

In the United States, customers can require their prescription from the eye doctor after their eyes are examined. For the right frame type, they can go to larger shops or online eyeglass stores.

Unisex acetate full frame eyeglassesUnisex metal semi-rimless eyeglassesUnisex metal full frame eyeglasses

If your vision is 20/20 and your eyes don’t feel tired if they are normally used, I dare say, you have no eye problems. But when you cannot see things clearly as usual and always get tired with your eyes or your glasses degree is deepening every one or two years, you should pay special attention to your eyes. It may be largely possible that they are ill.

Eye diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts, astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia, macular degeneration and many other pathological changes, cause people to wear glasses. They can all be improved by a natural healthy way. Before putting this method into practice, we must know the reason how these eye diseases happen. Only in this way, physical therapy can be more helpful.

In the early 1900’s, an ophthalmologist called Dr. Wm. H. Bates raised a method of vision therapy, and he found the cause of eye diseases as well. He said that mind tension is the main reason why people get vision problems.

It’s known to all, that people who don’t have any vision problems keep their eyes open when they look at some objects. Minds guide eyes to focus on things they think. This is called eye-mind coordination in medical field. The report that vision is 9/10 mental and 1/10 physical does surprise us. But we can’t ignore it.

At the time you go into middle-aged, which is also called the “Golden Years”, you should be careful with many eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and drooping eyelid. At this period, maybe lots of money is earned and many social positions are obtained, but you will face many stresses from either home or work. Moving, changing schools, a divorce, a death, an unsteady friendship and illnesses, they are all stresses. With those stresses, you can’t rest well and your body can’t work well, too. After a long time, your body would deteriorate.

The body will be under threat in all aspects, such as ulcers, heart attacks as well as vision. Therefore, a natural physical therapy is raised to treat eye diseases. It’s based on the principle of relaxation. Many special techniques and skills are included to relax you whole body. Meanwhile, tensions or strains of eye muscle are released. As a result, your eye sight will not go down or glasses degree doesn’t deepen. The practice is quite easy, safe and full of fun. Everyone can do it and can benefit from it. It is happy that in your golden years, your eyes are still healthy and will keep on for the rest of life. At that time, you must be pleased to form your good habit since young. Remember prevention is much cheaper than cure, let alone many diseases cannot be cured. So don’t make yourself regret. Try to do eye exercise!

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·Vision Development and Therapy for Preschoolers

·Functions and types of vision therapy

Shopping online offers a benefit that the product will be delivered directly to one’s home. In the past, online shopping was considered as a luxury, which is no longer true now. In the contrary, this way of buying can save both money and time. Those people buying goods online on a regular basis can make their lives easier when they are busy.

Contact lenses are just one of the products available online. Price of contact lenses is a critical factor for most contacts wearers, especially the ones preferring disposable types. Online market usually offers more competitive contact lenses including disposable ones than local stores. Present now, almost all types of contact lenses are available at numerous online stores, such as soft contacts, RGP lenses, disposable contacts, extended wear lenses, bifocal lenses, colored lenses, toric lenses, orthokeratology contacts, UV blocking lenses, special effect ones and the forth.

Moreover, almost all notable brands of contact lenses are provided by most online stores at an appropriate scale, including Focus Dailies, Cooper Vision, Bausch & Lomb, Ciba Vision, Acuvue, Ocular Science, Vistaken, and Wesley Jessen and so on. For sure, most online contacts shops also offer lens solutions and lens cases.

Among the countless choices, it can be difficult to choose a right contact lens store on the Internet. The first priority should be given to safe products, because secure contact lenses are essential to maintain eye health. Reputable stores are usually the favorite choice. Actually there are many factors of an online contact lens store that should be evaluated, such as customer review, time in business, return and refund policies and the forth.

Other factors such as valid telephone number, prices, shipping fees, order turnaround time should also be considered. It is quite necessary to compare different online stores. Trying an online store for the first time, it is wise to place a small order, in case of being too disappointed if anything goes wrong.

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