Are you one of the persons who want to recover your eyesight without the help of eyeglasses, and to have a clear vision as a normal person? If you are, here is effective method that is able to reshape your eyes—-the LASIK Eye Surgery, also called Photo Refractive Keratectomy (PRK). It is a simple procedure with the application of laser technology. Since its inception in the 1980′s, the PRK is favored by most people although at the beginning it was a little bit expensive but now a cost between $1000 and $3000 is enough. One of the reasons that make PRK popular is that the patients feels little or even no discomfort.

And then how does a LASIK eye surgery proceed? Normally, the surgeon will firstly remove the epithelium, a thin, transparent protective layer over the cornea, by which way the corneal tissue is exposed. Then the surgeon begins to reshape the tissue by the pre-programmed laser which costs only a few seconds. Moreover, during the operation the patient is able to communicate with the surgeon and answer questions. If they feel not quite the thing, they can tell the surgeons immediately which greatly improve the efficiency of the surgery. At last a kind of special contact lenses is used to protect the eyes.

Usually, one is able to recover from it for 5-7 days, however, in order to make things the best, the surgeon will advise all patients to have eye rest for at least a week and a frequent visit to the surgeon is required at different stages in case of the emergence of sequel. In addition, certain medication is also advised to take in the following one to two weeks after the surgery.

At last, several points should be kept in mind before you are intent to have a LASIK eye surgery. Never take the cost into the first consideration when you come to a surgery that connects with your health, of course including eye health. Maybe you can enjoy a lower price by applying traditional laser surgery or by having a less skilled ophthalmologist do the surgery, but you must be aware that you are taking a risk at the cost of your eye health. Therefore try your best to apply newer technology and invite skilled surgeon. As matter of fact, everyone is able to take advantage of the LASIK procedure.

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Most of us may think that diet has nothing to do with our eye sights, but health only. In fact, they are tightly related to each other. This is because healthy bodies can help us to maintain good visions.

What kind of diets can be called healthy? They should contain some proteins, vegetables and others. If you want to take in more proteins, fish is one of the best choices, for it contains a lot of Omega-3 acids. Still, sufficient proteins can benefit our brains very much. There are various sorts of vegetables, such as carrots, spinach, etc. Other products, such as Dairy products, are also very important for the health of our eyes. Be cautious about some milk, because they can be harmful for our eye circulation.

If you eat some complicatedly processed foods some time, it matters little on your vision. But eating too much can cause serious side-effects. Just follow one principle that all foods you eat should meet the demands of your body, such as, foods with plenty of Vitamins and other nutrients. As for the nutrition of food, sunflower seeds, soy beans, liver, etc, are really good alternatives.

Your body has an own PH balancing system, which can coordinate all organs of your body. If the amount of acid is more than alkaline in your body, you will suffer from some diseases, such as arthritis. What’s worse is that your eyes will also be damaged for this reason. So some elements from fruits, vegetables, and grains can help your body to maintain such balance. In this sense, if you want to keep this balance, you should eat sufficient fruits and vegetables.

A good mixture of diet can help you maintain a good health, especially in terms of digestion. If you take in just some specific foods, you will suffer from some problems of digesting. Therefore, you should eat proteins with vegetables. Good diets can help you digest well and absorb more nutrients.

If you want to have a good vision, just eat proper foods.

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It is known that a pair of glasses will cost a lot of money, let alone several pairs. So if one has to buy many glasses in his life, he will have to afford very much. In fact, wearing glasses is not only a matter of money, but a matter of inconvenience. One has to spend much time in the maintenance of these glasses. For example, he has to find the glasses that he has left somewhere which he forgets. And more troubles will be involved in the using of contacts that are more easily to get lost. Of course, one may choose to receive LASIK surgery, but he may encounter something unsure, such as, some complications, and he has to pay a lot of money. Fortunately, these problems aforesaid can be solved by some natural methods on which one needs to pay nothing.

What is the main cause of eye problems? The answer is fatigue. It is true that too much fatigue in the body is the main cause of eye problems, whereas the best way to eliminate fatigue is to sleep. Thus, one needs to get sufficient sleep if he wants to have very good vision. It is suggested that one should keep a regular biological clock and sleep about 7 hours each night. With enough sleep, one’s eyes will not get so strained as they are under conditions of insufficient sleep.

Another cause of eye problems is unbalanced diet. People may get some eye problems for the reason of unbalanced diet. Generally, eating too much of something and too little of others may cause very serious problems in one’s body and eyes. For example, eating too much fat and little natural goods may be harmful for his eyes. In order to ingest balanced nutrition, one is suggested to eat some vegetables, fruits and proteins, etc.

Drinking enough water can also help to prompt the circulation of one’s blood, which can get rid of some wastes in the body. Still more, doing some exercise is very important, for it can enhance the elasticity of muscles, including those in the eyes.

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Near-sightedness and far-sightedness are the two most common eye diseases in our daily lives. All the two problems are related with visual distance. In our daily lives, the two ailments can be cured in some way. If we have bad habits in using our eyes, we may suffer from such ailments.

If we suffer from nearsightedness, our corneas are prolonged. This problem is caused by looking at things very closely and for a long time. When we are school children, we are forced to do something, and our eyes are greatly influenced.

If we are nervous about something, we will suffer from pressure, anxiety, which can influence a lot on our eyes. For young children have to face too much pressure. Especially if they feel bored with something, they will suffer from great strains. With these strains, they tend to stare at something very long and eyes become tired.

Metal stresses and psychological problems can also lead to nearsightedness. If we are too nervous about something, myopia may occur. Suppose, if we are subconsciously worried about imminent matters, we will feel very nervous. Only if these problems are solved can we feel relaxed and comfortable.

Far-sightedness refers to people can only see objects afar. This is a process of aging, especially after 40. When after 40, our lenses will be deformed, for the sake of strained eye muscles. Most of us deem this process is related with age, and it can not be reversed. We usually choose to wear glasses for this problem. But wearing glasses too long can make our eyes lazy in their metabolic process.

In fact, far-sightedness may be a psychological problem. If we often see things afar too long, our eyes will refuse to see present things before us. Little by little, our eyes become lazy at matters of nowadays.

Eye movements are very beneficial for us if we have any of these eye problems. When we look at something near too long, we should spend some time to relax our eyes by looking at objects afar. Contrarily, if we look at something afar too long, we should also read something near.

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Though the substance, lutein, is very strange for many people, many facts have proved that it is crucial for the health of people’s visions.

In fact, macular degeneration is caused by the insufficiency of lutein. So many people wonder how much to intake such substance each day is ideal. Here is some information about this question.

Lutein is a very strong antioxidant that usually exits in many foods, as fruits, vegetables, and egg, etc. But sometimes, it is impossible to intake sufficient amount of lutein by eating some foods.

Why is lutein crucial for the health of our eyes? The answer is when people get old; the lutein in their eyes will diminish. And this process is called macular degeneration which will gradually result in complete blindness. Such disease can cause great pressure onto these old people.

In fact, there is a method that can assure sufficient dosage of lutein, in addition to foods. That is to take some supplements that can be gained in the market. One can choose these supplements of any types as he needs. Such as, multi supplements can provide more minerals and vitamins, not lutein only.

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The best Lasik for each patient are probably not the same one. The beat Lasik for you should be determined depending on the condition of your eye. Since there are many kind of Lasiks and each kind of Lasik procedure is too complex to be understood by people who are not major in ophthalmology, your eye doctor, who should usually be a qualified and certified ophthalmologist, is the best candidate in designing the best lasik procedure for you. The eye doctor should be an eye surgeon who has rich experience in Lasik, so he or she can tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of Lasik. After a careful discussion, you should know the details of the surgery before it carried out, so that during the Lasik surgery, you will not panic.

Having some knowledge about Lasik before surgery may very helpful to understand the procedure. Lasik surgery was originally performed manually by an ophthalmologist without the help of computer, and the precision of the surgery was totally depended on the skill of the eye doctor. You may find some eye doctor still performing this type of Lasik nowadays. Patience may have high risk of experience problems after this kind of Lasik, however the risk may declined when the surgeon has much experience of the Lasik surgery.

Lasik is improved year by year, there are many advanced procedure in Lasik surgery,for example, IntraLasik and WaveFront mapping system. IntraLasik is an all laser technique Lasik procedure, in which a computer is used to control the laser all the time during the surgery, including creating a thin 130 micron flap, which will increase the healing speed of the eye. And of course this kind of Lasik has ultimate precision. However, it is much expensive than the traditional one. Another technique that needs added expense is WaveFront mapping system, which was first used by astronomers to correct the imperfection of telescopes’ mirror. This system can exam the condition of your eye before the eye surgery which is also guided by a computer.

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If you have eye problems, glasses or contact lenses might be your first choice due to its convenience feature, but you need to note that they will do much harm to your eyes far outweigh good. For example, glasses are both expensive and easily broken, while the contact lenses can be easily lost, and more importantly, it should be periodically replaced by new in order to fulfill its function, which is a heavy burden to many people.

Here’s a natural way to correct your vision without paying a lot on eyeglasses or contacts, and even going to the optometrist. In addition, you don’t have to care about the strange frames on your face any more. In view of these advantages, natural correction of vision has been welcomed by more and more people these days.

The following steps, which are easy and will take quick effect, will teach you how to correct your vision. As we all know, eyes can easily adjust to new situations, especially in a dark room, you will begin to see objects after entering for a few seconds. So the first step you should do is to get your eyes rest and get rid of the pain and fatigue resulting from prolonged use of the eyes everyday. It doesn’t mean much time, seven to eight hours each night is enough for your body to restore energy.

Secondly, adequate rest is not enough, you have to ensure the health of the eyes. Certain foods that are rich in vitamins are very good to the eyes, so you just need to keep a healthy diet. Many fruits and vegetables, particularly carrots are high in vitamins, regularly eat these is good for your vision.

By following these steps, you will find your eyesight is naturally improved.

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A LASIK eye surgery is always thought to be expensive, making many eyeglasses wearers, who want to get rid of specs by having an eye surgery, give up their intentions. It is true that LASIK eye surgery cost high in the eighties, however, today one just needs to spend about $1000 to $3000. Here below is the procedure of a LASIK eye surgery and the expenditure each step is thought to cost.

The first step is the intralaser procedure, during which quite expensive equipment will be used. Compared with the traditional procedure, each eye will cost another $250 to $500. At the same time, the surgeon should be highly skilled so as to use such advanced equipment. The second step is the wavefront technology. Similarly, for the application of highly precise equipment which makes the follow-up and complications minimal after the surgery, the price escalates and each eye costs about $100 to $500.

However, usually the cost of a LASIK eye surgery varies from person to person, therefore, when you decide to have such a surgery, certain points should be kept in mind as follows:

1. The slighter you suffer from either shortsightedness or farsightedness or something else, the lower cost the operation will be, thus it is important to be clear about your prescription and specific needs.

2. The so called extra fees concerning the follow up problems, including the first year enhancements fees should be included in the quoted price. Therefore it is necessary for you to consult the policy related to solutions in details concerning that if any follow up problems emerge.

3. The last one which is also the simplest one is to ask the surgeon any questions you have. In the ordinary course of events, most surgeons will offer you satisfactory answers and clear all your doubts.

In addition, apart from what is listed above that price alters from different prescription and different centers. The variation of cost also depends on the technology you apply. In average, most technology cost is between $600 and $1000 per eye. However, as it known to all that advertisements cheat. You may have seen many clinics advertise a LASIK eye surgery cost as low as $500, but actually the hidden costs are needed to take into consideration. Normally, most procedures cost between $1000 and $2000.

In conclusion, there is no identical cost for a LASIK eye surgery which rather varies from person to person, so you need to choose proper surgery according to your specific prescription and need. Be sure to choose a convenient option and a competent care center. Do not try to get thing on the cheap at the cost of eye health.

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Lasik surgery, since its inception, is a mystery to most people, who always wonder why such a procedure is able to bring people back to their normal eyesight within just several minutes. Such mystery puts them in awe of it. Therefore, I think the question that how a lasik surgery process is needed to be introduced.

General speaking, lasik surgery, or say photorefractive keratectomy, is done on the cornea of the eye to correct abnormalities of vision, such as myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia. Lasik surgery provides people suffering those eyesight problems another choice to have a clear vision rather than wearing prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses.

There are four steps in the procedure. The first step is to consult the surgeon and have an over all examination of your eyes to check whether you are suitable to undergo such a procedure or not.

If you pass the examination, then you come to the second step: take a special medicine as a relaxant, and after the effects take place, you will asked to sit in a mobile chair. Then the surgeon will drop an anaesthetic solution into your eyes so as to make you escape from pain during the procedure. This step is referred as pre-stage

The third step is while-stage. When the anaesthetic is in effect, the surgeon begins to map the eyes by producing a blueprint for the eye through a computer, during which a format called wavefront technology will be applied. Then, the surgeon starts to reshape the cornea of each eye separately, which means while one eye is undergoing this procedure, the other one is protected by a shield. While one eye is kept open by a speculum, the surgeon cut a small hinged corneal flap on the outer layer of the eye with a high temperature laser called an intralaser. After that, the redundant corneal tissue, dictated by the mapping process earlier will be removed by another laser called excimer. Once it removed, the surgeon will apply very short bursts of light with the laser to reshape the cornea. At last, the flap will be placed back and the speculum removed. As such, the other eye will have the same procedure. The whole process of while-stage will just cost about 15 minutes.

The forth step is the post-stage. Do never make little of this stage, If you do not attach importance to it, serious result will possibly emerge. Therefore, after a surgery you’d better not use your eyes for a long time, driving is absolutely forbidden, enough rest should be guaranteed and a follow -up appointment should also be made to check on the healing of the eyes.

Maybe you will experience a short time of eye blur, do not worry, for this is a normal symptom and 95% people are able to see perfectly afterwards. If you are unfortunately not able to, go for your surgeon immediately. He or she will give you corresponding solution to help you see clearly.

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LASIK, a great medical innovation, rescues people from eyesight and eye problems. Nearly everyone with eye trouble wants to have a LASIK surgery to restore his or her eyesight so as to see our beautiful world without the assistance of eyeglasses and contact lenses. However, a LASIK surgery is usually of high price. Those who are limited in fund may hesitate to have one, and those who determine to have one may concern how to plan on paying for it. Because if you are not cautious in paying it back, you maybe experience a double payment for some invisible interest rates and your expense will ran over the estimate. Fortunately, there are methods in which we can finance it.

You can find a LASIK center which is capable to suggest you several payments that you are supposed to be able to afford and recommend you finance plan that you can work well with. One of the best ways with which the staff in the center may provide to you is to use a flexible spending account. With this account, certain amount of money, paid to the operating surgeon, will be withdrawn from your paycheck every month. This is fairly helpful for those who are going through a health plan.

Another way to finance your operation is to set up a payment plan with your eye doctor. The best thing of this method is that there is supposed to be with no interest, but the point is that you have to persuade your doctor to cooperate with you. If they agree, you can pay back your debt easily.

Thus, if you are planning to go under a LASIK surgery, you should not neglect the payment, which in some degree can save your money.

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