A new semester is going to start. I have to buy another pair of glasses which could provide me with clearer vision. I used to buy eyeglasses in entity stores. But recently, I heard that it is much more convenient and cheaper to buy glasses on net, while someone said that it is better not to do it on the Internet because the quality and after-sales service can not be guaranteed. I have never bought things on net before, so I have no idea about how to buy glasses on net and whether should I have a try.

The other day, one of my friends told me that he had bought a cheap prescription glasses on net and he felt very satisfied with it, so I consult him about the process to buy glasses on-line. He told me that if you want to buy glasses on-line, you must search for a professional on-line shop with good evaluation, which is the guarantee of good quality and after-sales service. And before you buy glasses, you should get a complete optometry data, such as papillary distance, degree of astigmatism, axis and the size of frame, etc. as long as all of these data are correct. Buying glasses on-line is just the same as buying in optical store because all the optical shops are doing that according to those data. Now some emerging online eyeglasses shop such as www.Firmoo.com offers varieties of frames and sufficient lenses options. Of course, the most attractive to buying glasses on-line is the low price. The eyeglasses which cost more than 200 dollars can be bought on-line with 25 dollars. As long as the quality and service can be guaranteed, buying glasses on-line is a very good choice.

After asked my friend about buying glasses on net, I ordered a pair of memory metal eyeglasses from above-mentioned website. I received my glasses 12 days later. I felt satisfied in general except for some chromatism. The quality of the glasses is very excellent and the price is indeed very reasonable. I determine to buy glasses on-line from now on. I will go back to my local optical stores any more.

It is said that eyes are the windows to the souls. We should take care of our eyes. To the poor-sighted man, a pair of good eyeglasses is really important. Thus, they should take more care of their eyes as well as eyeglasses. I’m one of them. I can’t see things clearly if I don’t wear glasses. Without eyeglasses, I cannot watch wonderful movies, appreciate famous pictures and enjoy the beauty of the world. So, a pair of glasses means much to me, which just like a part of my body.

I love my eyeglasses very much. I bought it on-line from a popular eyeglasses website www.Firmoo.com. It is a fashionable designed one with a stylish black frame. I like the frame quite bit. It’s angular frame which matches my round face very well. I do much to take care of my eyeglasses everyday, so how?

There are several tips for you to take care of you eyeglasses. The glasses will last longer and serve you better if you keep them clean and in good care regularly.the eyeglasses include plastic eyeglasses,memory metal eyeglasses and others,but the clear tips is same.

First, clean your eyeglass lenses carefully and regularly. This is the most important step for one to care for his/her eyeglasses in order to prolong their life. As we know that, most of eyeglass lenses are made of plastic or glass, and then you need to be careful when cleaning them. So, you should purchase a professional lens-cleaning cloth which is always together with the glasses when we buy them (Firmoo.com will the lenses cloth free together with the package). We can use a wet or dry cleaning cloth to wash the glasses, which depends on how dirty the glasses are. If they are just slightly dusty, use a dry cloth to wipe the two lenses from the front to back gently. While the dirtier one, you can wash the lenses with a wet cloth or even with a mild soap and warm water to remove dirt, oil and other dirty marks. And here, you must avoid using paper towel to clean the glasses, which might hurt the lenses. When you clean you eyeglasses, please don’t press too hard on the lenses for it would damage the glasses or frame.

Second, keep glasses in a case when they are not in use. If you don’t put them in the case, please make sure that they are in a safe place, or they might be knocked to the ground or crushed by somebody or something. When putting glasses down, do not rest them on the lenses. This will scratch the lenses. We know clearly that, it will be more difficult to see through the scratched glasses.

Third, check the screws when cleaning eyeglasses. Sometimes they become loose. So, you can tighten them timely before they are falling out if you check them regularly.

It only takes your few minutes to clean and exam your eyeglasses everyday or on weekly basis. And then eyeglasses will last longer and be in good shape with your proper clean and care. So, please don’t forget to take care of your eyeglasses each day. It is worth it.

Many people have experiences in buying glasses, and most of them buy glasses by intuition just according to appearances. It is not easy to buy a pair of eyeglasses that looks beautiful and attractive. However, when asked what kind of eyeglasses on earth is suitable for them most, they are entirely ignorant. As a matter of fact, there is a lot for one to know. Just as for eyeglasses frame, information concerned may make you punch-drunk. Now, let’s sort out their classification first.

Common glasses frames, by materials, can be broken into three classifications, namely plastic frame, metal frame and frame with mixed material. Plastic frame, in recent times, has gained more and more popularities, especially by the elder and children, for its lightness and anti-anaphylaxis. Nowadays, plastic frames are mostly twin-lift ones which are made from vinyl acetate resin, but they can also be made out from natural materials, for example, tortoise-shell, whose raw materials are from turtle shells in tropical marine. Frames of this type are light in weight, gloss in appearance, and anti-irritation in performance, whereas they are easy to be cracked.

Metal eyeglasses frames are usually made from metal materials and alloys, among which copper alloy is applied most often as substrate material. And then surfacing work is made, which is accomplished by plating with gold, silver or chrome. Different plating procedures may contribute to different products, some of which are colorfast, while some are not. Besides, some frames are made from pure titanium and memory alloy. In general, metal frames are famous for their firmness, lightweight, good-looking appearances and novel styles.

Frames with mixed materials are usually cranked out by plastic and metal. Some are designed to wrap plastic up by metal, or vice versa; some are designed to be with different materials in different parts, for example frame front made from plastic while frame temples made from metal, or vice versa. Mixed material frames are featured with delicate and pretty designs, making wearers elegant. In normal condition, mixed material frames are more durable in use.

Quality of glasses frame, although functioning as a helping role, directly affect the comfort ability of the whole eyeglasses. If you want to know more information concerning glasses, please go to www.Firmoo.com, It is believed that if you know more about eyeglasses, you will absolutely choose a pair of suitable eyeglasses.

Thanks to www.Firmoo.com, I have got a wonderful pair of glasses from there. I don’t know what words can express my love for it. After I get it, I cannot wait to open it. I predict it will be a great pair of glasses for me. Yes, it really is. I can never imagine how well it can fit me. The purple frame is my favorite and especially suitable for my skin color. With the pair of glass, my face looks a little smaller. Overall, it is a mixture of fashion and comforts. Oh, I am too happy and excited to own it.

People around me all show a great interest on my new pair of glasses. I am very proud of this and willing to show everyone the glass and recommend www.Firmoo.com to every people who wants to purchase eyeglasses. To tell the truth, I have never had better glasses before. I bought most of glasses from local shops, but they are usually very expensive, and for fashionable one, it will be highly expensive. And I have also tried to buy spectacles from online shops, but the former practice was not successful, a pair with too low quality, and a pair is far from my imagination, and another pair not fit me well. One day, when I logged on the Internet, I got the introduction of this online shop and checked the feedbacks from users on it. I found it is a highly-praised and well-known online eyeglass shop. So I decided to have a try. And finally I find it is indeed an excellent shop, and I am very happy to get my favorite eyeglass.

From that time on, using one of my friends’ words, I am a free publicity agent for this online shop when other people praise me on my glass. I am sure my advertisement will bring many businesses to this shop, and they should pay me. It is just kidding. And from this, I begin to like glasses. I come up an idea to gather eye glasses. It can be used just as bags or shoes. Different colors and styles go with the clothes and hair style. That’s a good idea, I believe! So I choose three styles I like very much. And sincerely hope they can give me a discount. I don’t know if I can get the discount. But anyway, I like this shop. Maybe from this shop, I can develop my great hobby of gathering different styles of eyeglasses. Different glasses, Different self! That is my slogan!

Optometrist Dan Stein has worked in the city for eight years and said he likes what he sees.

“One of the things I like about the Downriver area is that it’s more of a family-based or friendly area,” he said. “I’ve worked and I still help a friend in Birmingham, and I’ll tell you, patients here are so much nicer.”

Stein has been an optometrist for 30 years.

In 2001, he became owner of what was formerly known as Blaize Eye Clinic, 3101 Biddle Ave. The clinic’s name later was changed to Wyandotte Optical.

Before owning his Wyandotte office, Stein worked several years for corporate clinics.

He said that over time the demanding workload became too much to handle.

“The real truth is that I had a heart attack,” he said. “Some clinics are more interested in numbers, and it produced so much stress on me that I couldn’t relax and enjoy my patients. My wife said: ‘That’s it. You can’t handle people above you telling you what to do.’”

Today, he believes he’s stronger than he’s ever been.

“I run and jog and I use my athletic equipment,” Stein said. “I’m in better shape now than I’ve ever been.”

Stein waited two years until Dr. Albert Blaize was ready to retire before he assumed ownership.

“Not only did Dr. Blaize sell me the office, but he set me up with my wife,” he added.

Blaize’s name still can be found on the building, a tribute to the former eye doctor.

The office has four full-time employees and a part- time one. It is open from 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mondays and Thursdays; 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays; and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. by appointment two Saturdays each month.

Specialties are quality eye care and contact lenses, and Stein estimated that 25 percent to 30 percent of his customers request contacts. The office schedules between 40 and 50 patients each week.

Stein had an uncle who was an optometrist.

“I knew I wanted to be a doctor, but I didn’t want to be an M.D.,” he said. “Being an optometrist was a logical choice for me.”

He graduated from Illinois College of Optometry in 1975.

Stein is certified in visual therapy and diagnostic testing of children, which allows him to test binocular vision and amblyopic and visual perception difficulties.

His experience in primary eye care includes treatment of minor injuries and infections, advanced contact lenses, fitting and computer vision syndrome, a temporary condition resulting from focusing the eyes on a computer display for long periods of time.

Children who are ready for kindergarten should have an eye exam, Stein said.

“Some states are passing a law that before children can enter school, they have to have an eye exam,” he said.

Stein suggests that contact lens wearers have their eyes checked annually.

“The contacts are resting on your eyes, so you want to make sure the cornea and eyes’ lids are healthy,” Stein said. “There’s (a) tendency for people to ignore symptoms, but they should come in to make sure their eyes are healthy.

“Eyeglass wearers typically have their eyes checked every two years unless they have a medical condition, like being diabetic. Between myself and some of the eye surgeons in the area, we monitor some people for macular degeneration.

“With everybody using computers, there’s a high incidence of dry eye and other computer-related symptoms.”

Although Stein does not treat macular degeneration, he said the population is growing older and there are a growing number of patients with macular degeneration, cataracts and dry eye symptoms.

“We try to treat the dry eye and refer our patients to the cataract specialists in the area,” he said.

Stein treats minor injuries and infections, but if there is someone with a major eye problem, he would examine the patient and refer them to a specialist.

Maintaining state-of-art equipment is important to Stein and his staff. He offers digital retinal photography.

“Today’s technology allows us to see more of the retina in more detail,” he said. “Using technology, we can find retinal diseases and other disorders a lot faster before they start causing major problems. I think today’s society demands that we stay on top with state-of-the-art technology. I’ve been doing this for 30 years, and it’s kind of fun seeing new technology and using it.

“I have a lot more fun using the newer equipment to find glaucoma sooner, and it can save a person’s sight when we can get them the help they need.”

In the three decades Stein has worked in the eye care industry, he has noticed consumers are getting more health conscious and the profession is getting more technological.

“We’re offering better care than they ever had before,” he said.

Stein credits a personable and knowledgeable staff for the success of his business.

“We have one of the largest frame selections in the area, thanks to Pat Phanawong,” Stein said. “She works really hard on that.”

Phanawong, a Wyandotte resident, is an optician at the clinic with more than 20 years’ experience.

Stein said a large percentage of his patients are referred.

“I have a phenomenal staff,” Stein said. “They do a very good job of taking care of each patient like they are family. They are genuine. They do it because they want to, not because they have to. They are an extension of me. We want to make sure people get the care they need.”


As the summer comes, I feel very inconvenient because my work require me stay in the open air most of a day, but the sunlight are harsh. My eyes are easily to get sore. Therefore, I need to a pair of sunglasses to protect my eyes from sunlight. However, I am very poor in eyesight, so I can not wear sunglasses and eyeglasses at the same time. I have to buy a pair of clip on sunglasses. Clip on sunglasses, as the name suggests are two pieces of colored lenses which can be clipped on ordinary prescription eyeglasses, especially designed for people who want to wear sunglasses while they have to wear a pair of prescription eyeglasses.

One day, I went to an optical cheap eyeglasses store in the mall to buy clip on sunglasses. When I saw the price of lens, I was shocked. Just a pair of ordinary clip on sunglasses will cost more than $90. After a short while of consideration, I decided to try to find a suitable pair of clip-on on the Internet. But I had never do it before, so I felt a little worried about the quality of glasses bought on net and I wondered whether it is a trap which would give me something fake. After browsing a lot of websites for quite a long time, I picked a website which sold different kinds of eyeglasses including frames as well as clip-ons, and most importantly, it has a very high evaluation by customers who have bought things from the online shop. I thought since so many people trust the seller and give it good reviews, the quality can be well guaranteed. The website is www.Firmoo.com,it have only $10 eyeglasses.

One thing to mention is that above online optical store doesn’t sell the clip-on separately. So I have to buy my prescription glasses and the clip-on, I only pay $31 for the whole set! It is amazing! Twelve days later, I received the eyeglasses plus clip-on I ordered. I checked the package. It is just the same as the one the seller described and displayed. When I tried them on, I felt very good. I am very satisfied to buy such a pair of qualified clip on with reasonable price. Two days later, I bought another pair from the same website. Now I can wear my sunglasses when I go to work. I feel so good to see everything clearly without my eyes getting sore.


Some people may be diagnosed with refractive errors after an eye exam, which means the eyes can not refract or focus light properly. The eye’s ability to focus light is decisive for one’s vision sharpness. Refractive eyeglasses, contact lenses as well as refractive surgeries can be used to correct a refractive error.

It is commonly known that light rays can be deflected, reflected, bent or absorbed by different objects. Light is essential for vision. Like the way that water or curved lens refracts light rays, certain eye structures such as cornea, crystalline lens, tear film and internal fluids can refract light rays into a precise point of focus, which is critical for sharp vision. The focus point should be centered on the retina, which lines the inside of the eye back. The light-sensitive cells in the eye back capture images and then transmit them through the eye’s optic nerve to the brain for interpretation. In this process, the eye’s pupil is responsible for controlling the amount of light that reaches the retina, by widening or constricting itself.

Both eye length and cornea curvature can affect the eye’s refractive ability. Myopia is always caused by too long eyes, which focus images in front of the retina, and farsightedness is caused by short eyes, which can never focus light on retina in time. Astigmatism is created by aspherical eyes, which bring irregular light refraction. All of these defects are called refractive errors. The new invented wavefront technology is used to detect poor contrast sensitivity caused by another refractive error: higher-order aberrations.

Eyeglasses, contacts with precise curvatures can intercept and refract light rays and provide a more accurate focus point on the retina. Refractive surgeries such as LASIK achieve the same effect by changing the corneal surface.


Vision health care has become a routine part of computer users’ lives. Surveys show nearly 50% of adult computer users with a college education are myopia in USA, and a child in America spend several hours on a computer while doing homework, surfing the internet, playing video games and talking online with little regard for eye health care. Definitely, vision health care is becoming more and more important to computer users.

Many vision health care doctors who specialize in children’s eye health care say sustain computer use puts kids at higher risk for childhood myopia. Some people have a misunderstand in vision health care that it is necessary to wear a special eye protection when working on the computer, but according to eye health care experts, computer screens do not emit enough harmful rays to cause eye damage.

Relieving eyestrains is one of the important vision health care measures to computer users. As eye health care experts often pointed out, computer users should look up and far away about every 15 minutes preferably out a window or across a room. Also, a people who always work on a computer is supposed to see the vision health care practitioners for regular eye health care and exams, for computer users can develop vision changes, an outdated prescription may cause lots of eyestrain.

In addition, proper computer glasses are also good for computer users’ vision health care; they are available for those who have trouble focusing on a screen. Of course, a person who has urgent questions regarding vision health care, it is better to call an eye health care practitioner for personal vision health care advice on the treatment of one’s own specific condition.


A child’s eye color is always inherited from its parents, even if the influences from each parent may not even. Eye colors include black, gray, green or other combinations.

Eye color is determined by the pigmentation in the iris. Brown eye color is used to be considered as “dominant” and blue being “recessive”. In fact, the eye color involves quite a few variations. It is neither the simple blend of parents’ eye colors, nor certain regular combinations. There are still some eye colors such as gray, hazel and other special combinations that are beyond clear scientific explanation.

One point is obvious that three genes in the body are responsible for eye color inheritance and determine the three most common colors: green, brown and blue. And each parent has two pairs of genes on each chromosome that affect the eye color of their children. Researchers are also focusing on DNA analysis to find out adults’ eye color.

A brown pigment named melanin develops as a baby ages, so that its eye color will darken. It has been revealed that a child’s eye color can be completely different from both of its parents. But children are always born with brown eyes if their parents both have brown eyes.

Some exceptions may happen during births. For example, some children have different colors in two eyes. This exceptional eye color condition is mostly caused by faulty developmental pigment transport. The underlying reasons for this disease may be local trauma in the womb, benign genetic disorder or inflammation of the iris.

Eye color does not stay unchanged lifelong. The eye’s iris controls the pupil size, which enlarges under dim light conditions and contracts under bright lighting. These pupil size changes may lead to slight eye color change. Eye color changes can be natural or signs of eye diseases.

Normal eye color changes relate to mainly two types of factors: emotion and aging. Extreme emotions such as angry and delight can change both pupil size and iris color. Some of Caucasian people are reported to have eye color changes as they age.

Diseases such as Fuch’s heterochromic iridocyclitis, Horner’s syndrome and pigmentary glaucoma can lead to harmful eye color changes.


As it known to all that eyes are the windows of the souls. Therefore we should take good care of them. Nowadays due to the heavy burden of study in high schools, students will easily get nearsighted. Then a good pair of glasses is necessary. However you might be so busy with your own business that you merely have enough time to take your children to an eyeglasses shop in work time. What makes it worse is that when you have time after work the shops have already been closed. So what should you do then? Yes, you are right. You can easily solve this problem by shopping on line in the evening when both your child and you are at home.

What’s more, there are many advantages of buying glasses online except that it is convenient and has no time limit. That is to say you can choose your favored glasses at any time when you are free. Some other advantages are as follows:

1. The scope of your choice is enormous; most online optical store has hundreds of styles! You can choose any of them you are interested in.

2. Online companies have much lower overheads than high street shops. That means they can sell prescription glasses directly to you without any agent franchiser, which certainly means that you can save a lot of money.

3. Most on-line shops have a fantastic money back guarantee, even if you make a tiny mistake with choice or entering the wrong prescription information in.

4. There are loads of coupon codes which enable you to find the application of the company you choose on the net. That means you can make even more savings, or get an optional extra like a free tinting at no extra cost.

Most online dealers have opticians working for them, and have produced eyeglasses for many years, so you can be popularly assured to get a perfect quality. Comparing going to your local optician, you can see there are great advantages to buy prescription glasses on-line. There are still plenty of other benefits to buy glasses in this way, but in summary, the phenomenally greater range of choice and the much cheaper price are the greatest benefits. And what else do you still need? I personally have very good shopping experience in www.Firmoo.com, an online optical store, with variety of frame lens choices, but at very affordable prices.

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