Getting Familiar with Bifocal Readers

As we know, when people are in their middle age, they will have many vision problems which can not be ignored. They can not see thing clearly with such blurred vision. Without the help of visual aids, reading books and newspapers will be very tough for them. Mostly they are suffering presbyopia. However, wearing a pair of bifocal readers can help them out.

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As we know, it is troublesome to change glasses for those people who have vision problems. As a matter of fact, the bifocal readers are just particularly made for them. The first pair was made by Ben Franklin. He suffered from both nearsightedness as well as presbyopia, devised bifocals in 1784 to obviate having to frequently switch betwixt 2 sets of glasses. The original lenses designed for repairing astigmatism were distributed by the British stargazer George Airy in the year 1825.

When it comes to the differences of the bifocal readers and the regular ones, they lie in two parts. The upper part is to view distant things and the other lower one is used to read. In addition to help correct vision problem, the bifocal readers are helpful to avoid getting two pairs of glasses. That is to say, now it is not necessary for you to take two pairs. The glasses combine the function of two pair. So we can see it is rather convenient to the wearers.

In short, wearing a pair of bifocal readers can help senior aged people who are suffering from vision problems see things more clearly.


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